What do we offer

Guided Learning

Our curated learning plan has been vetted by industry leaders in order to provide you holistic learning experience in multiple cyber disciplines.

Community & Networking

Interact and network with like-minded folks from various backgrounds in exclusive chat groups.

Learn with each other

Stuck on something? Discuss it with your peers and the Whole Cyber team in the inbuilt chat groups and via Vicious Vineyards Discord

Discounted Affiliate Training

With discounts of up to 50% role centric education, we empower your success.

Certification Advice

Get true return on investment advice for certifications that truly match the roles you are seeking.

50 Cert Scholarship

Your donations feed a $25,000 USD certfication voucher scholarship. For every $25,000 we make in donations, we will issue an application window for a certifcation voucher valued at no more than $400.00 USD.

Looking for more advanced education? checkout our Discounted Affiliate training

Our affiliate partnership with ec-council e-learning awards us up-to 50% role centric training

pre-selected trainings can be found with a click of the button below or reach out to go over the 3 page library of discounted role centric training.

50% Off
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