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Whole cyber human initiative scans the internet and creates robust curriculums utilizing reputable complimentary training resources that would otherwise cost between roughly $8,525 and $26,640 for online education or $9,000 to $20,000 for an online cyber cert bootcamp.*

*sources (based on 2023 data):

Intelligent - “the 10 best online cyber security certifications of 2023” https://www.intelligent.com/best-online-courses/cyber-security-certifications/#:~:text=the%20480%2dhour%20immersive%20online,security%20consultants%2c%20or%20compliance%20analysts

Cyber degrees - guide to cybersecurity bootcamps https://www.cyberdegrees.org/listings/cyber-security-bootcamps/

Created by the whole cyber team and vetted by the advisory board, each curriculum is evaluated by a combined tech industry experience of over 300 years for relevancy while being logical in the delivery. Our current 2023 core curriculum is broken down into two parts. Though the course is self-paced, we have developed an 11-week cohort style for DoD skillbridge applicants that entail individual/group mentorship, recaps of what they are learning, advise from peers when they get stuck, one-on-one sessions with advisory board members, a career transition meet-up to go over their previous career and how it fits in cyber, and LinkedIn networking assistance.

Part 1 (non-technical transition) estimated 4–5-day completion:

Candidate is faced with reading, researching, and digesting the 52 roles presented by the national initiative for cybersecurity careers and study. At the conclusion of part 1, each candidate is to identify the 3-5 roles presented that they closely align to or wish to pursue. During this portion, each candidate conducts a Myer Briggs personalities assessment and a cyber aptitude assessment presented by us CyberKnights.

Part 2 (technical and non-technical transition) 380 hours estimated at 12 weeks to complete. ***subject to change due to availability of source.

Candidate begins their curated training that consists of education content from Cisco, Microsoft, AWS, RangeForce, EvolveSecurity, AttackIQ, Idaho National Labs, Qualys, and Fortinet. The training is divided into individual sections.

It was founded by retired navy veteran Paul cummings, Leah McLean, and the founding board of advisors, whole cyber is a workforce development research organization with a near 300 years combined industry experience.

Our mission is to provide a complimentary, and immersive, self-paced program in support of transitioning service members, veterans, military families, and first responders. While additionally, providing tier-based cohorts to veteran owned businesses first and globally to any company or organization second. While focused on the veteran community, our program is free to anyone around the globe.

Imagine a world where veterans, military dependents, and first responders can find free or inexpensive upskilling before spending their hard-earned money on an accelerated bootcamp. These accelerated bootcamps are geared towards those that already have a technical background or knowledge and may lead to certifications that have no true return on investment. Imagine a world where college and universities have a direct degree pathway matching the 52 roles defined by the national institute for cybersecurity education. This world does exist with whole cyber human initiative. Colleges and universities, please reach out to us and let us help you build a better program for a better tomorrow.

So, What is a “Whole Cyber Human?”

​A whole cyber human is defined as a person who has built foundational and practical knowledge holistically in the information technology and cybersecurity space. They are immersed into the full spectrum of cyber and empowered with the training to be force multipliers.

They are often considered career pivoters or potential veteran service members who have obtained critical mid-senior level soft and hard skills highly sought for in the job market.

They are our children in school who have already built an efficiency in using technology.

They are the key to securing the next 20 years.

The impetus for the creation of the whole cyber human initiative is driven by the extreme alleged “talent shortage” that spreads across the globe. These in-demand jobs are found vacant while human resources and hiring managers claim they cannot find talent. As leaders we can burn this broken process down and kindle the rebirth of the phoenix by reshaping how to identify, mold, and acquire a new breed of talent throughout the industry.

Active Fundraiser

Whole Cyber Human Initiative has a perpetual fundraiser used for upkeep and our Scholarship Opportunity. We have created multiple ways you can help support or donate to our cause.

PayPal using our Donate Now link Donate Now or scan the Qr below.

Microsoft Rewards - Turn your Bing Searches and Xbox Rewards into a donatable.

Benevity - We are listed on Benevity and welcome any corporate or company donation that would be over the amount PayPal will allow.


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