A Bit of Background

Whole Cyber Human Initiative (WCHI), is a Workforce Development Research Organization stood up to curve the pandemic of the "600,000-1.8 Million unfilled cybersecurity roles globally." As leaders, we have designed a program that is built off of the free resources hidden behind the pay walls of Certification Bootcamps and Academies that have the marketing power to hide these amazing resources. Upon completion of our program, each candidate is issued a badge that highlights the skills and education that they have learned. The badge will also be assigned based on the INFOSEC Color Wheel based on the candidates domain of choice.

So What is a Whole Cyber Human?

Whole Cyber Human is defined as a person who has built foundational and practical knowledge holistically in the Information Technology and Cybersecurity space. They are immersed into the full spectrum of cyber and empowered with the training to be force multipliers.


  • They are often  considered career pivoters or potential veteran service members who have obtained critical Mid-Senior level soft and hard skills highly required in the job market.

  • They are our children in school who have already built an effiency in using technology.

  • They are the key to securing the next 20 years.


The impetus for the creation of the Whole Cyber Human Initiative is driven from the extreme alleged “talent shortage” that spreads across the globe. These in demand jobs are found vacant while human resources and hiring managers claim they cannot find talent. As leaders we can burn this broken process down and kindle the rebirth of the phoenix by reshaping of how to identify, mold, and acquire a new breed of talent throughout the industry.

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What the Program Entails

The Whole Cyber Human Candidate is a 100 hour immersive program built designed to deliver well rounded cyber professionals from entry-level to senior.


It consists of: Cybersecurity Fundamentals, SOC Analyst Fundamentals, Network OSI Familiarity, VM Familiarity, Malware Analysis, OSINT, MITRE Attack Framework, Purple Team Concepts, Threat Hunting, Ransomware Concepts, and Industrial Control Systems Security.

The Program is broken into 3 Parts

  • Part 1 - Soul Search All the Roles in Cyber

  • Part 2 - Mandatory Free Training

  • Part 3 - Optional Networking and Branding as well as an Individualized Training Plan.