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Become Whole Cyber

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Before commiting yourself to the Whole Cyber Pipeline, understand that we are asking you to focus on our pipeline alone. With dedication, our program can be completed in 90 days assuming your are not encumbered with other trainings you are enrolled in.

We ask this, as we are humans as well who are volunteering our time to help you succeed.

To Maximize your success and benefits as a Whole Cyber Human Candidate, you must complete all 3 levels of the program.

  • Getting to Know Yourself - Mandatory

  • Learning and Sharpening your Skills - Mandatory

  • Branding and Networking - Optional

***Be sure to check your junk or spam mail after submitting.

The Whole Cyber Human Candidate is a 100 hour immersive program built designed to deliver well rounded cyber professionals from entry-level to senior.


It consists of: Cybersecurity Fundamentals, SOC Analyst Fundamentals, Network OSI Familiarity, VM Familiarity, Malware Analysis, OSINT, MITRE Attack Framework, Purple Team Concepts, Threat Hunting, Ransomware Concepts, and Industrial Control Systems Security.

The Program is broken into 3 Parts

  • Part 1 - Soul Search All the Roles in Cyber

  • Part 2 - Mandatory Free Training

  • Part 3 - Optional Networking and Branding as well as an Individualized Training Plan.

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