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Whole Cyber Human Advisory Board

Industry Leaders for change

A series of thought out leaders across the industry who have collectively built their own ideals that the hiring process, job application process, entry level descriptions, and job description writing is hurting globally. It is with our combined efforts we can help shape the Information Technology, Cybersecurity, and Critical Infrastructure to better secure the future. The Board members individually and collectively serve as the stewards of the vision and mission of the Initiative and promote global cyber trust and leadership. Each member serves as a Chair and board positions are nominated, recommended, and voted.


James Azar

Philanthropist, Community Leader, and World renown CISO, James Azar is the Chairman and President of CyberHub USA. Born and raised in the US Mr. Azar is a self-made entrepreneur in Cybersecurity and management consulting.


Gerald Auger

Dr. Gerald Auger currently leads the information security program at a $750M chemical manufacturing firm in the United States and is an adjunct faculty in the Department of Cyber and Computer Sciences at The Citadel Military College


Simon Linstead

Simon Linstead, after 30 Award winning years in sales, 10 of which founding and growing a multi-million dollar regulated UK Investment business. Life changing events in 2019 helped him decide at 45, to focus on his lifelong passion of technology and break into the Cyber Security industry.


Joseph Jaubert

Visionary and Community Ambassador, Joseph Jaubert is a military veteran with 30 years in the Information Technology and Cyberspace has built a career focus since 2012 in Maritime Cybersecurity (dynamic offshore assets with various IT and OT/ICS/SCADA/IIoT systems and configurations connecting to Sea Port facing facilities and interconnecting Sea Port domains throughout the Maritime Transportation System)


Ashley Naquin

Women in Cyber Ambassador, Ashley Naquin is the Founder and Operating CEO of C-4ward, a Non-Profit Cybersecurity Consortium for small and midsized businesses.


Josh Mason

Empathetic Educator and Crowd Source Fundraiser, Josh Mason is a military veteran with 10+ years of military experience, as an Air Force pilot and cyberwarfare officer. Josh sheds light on the best, most cost and time efficient ways to break through the barriers in the industry


Neal Bridges

Energetic Community Ambassador and Influencer


Jay Jay Davey

Global Ambassador and Cybersecurity Influencer Jay Jay Davey started his technical career in 2012 when he joined the Royal Signals as a Communication systems operator


Jeremiah Parker

Visionary and Community Leader


Stephen Semmelroth

Entrepreneur Coach and Veteran Cybersecurity Influencer, Stephen Semmelroth formally entered IT in the year 2000, responded to his first cyber incident in 2001


Peter Cline

Veteran Advocate and Community Leader, Peter Cline was honorably discharged from the Army in December of 2020. Peter led an Infantry Team for most of his time in the Army however, served as an instructor among various other roles he held


Will Hunt

In.security co-founder, trainer and public speaker, Will Hunt has been in information security since 2008. He spent 6 years as a digital forensic investigator helping solve criminal investigations through digital evidence analysis, and from 2014 has been a penetration tester and IT security consultant, helping secure organisations around the globe.


Ollie Stiles

Currently a Senior Strategic Security Consultant for Mandiant, Ollie Stiles is a dedicated cyber security professional with a focus on cyber security operations centers (SOC), SIEM monitoring, leadership and performance development.


Ken Underhill

Ken is the Executive Producer & Host of the Cyber Life television show which reaches millions of viewers each month around the world on the Binge Networks app, Amazon, Roku, and more.


Amanda Sawicz

Amanda is a MD, C-Suite executive, Director, Strategic Advisor, experienced I&D executive and an Executive Coach with a unique background in both start-up and scale up business, as well as enterprise organizations that span the globe.