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Fists in Solidarity

These are Companies that Support or Use Our Pipeline

As a Supporting Organization we often come across like minded companies with a passion to think outside the box, build apprenticeships, internships, or hire in non-traditional ways. It is easy to form an alliance and we share them with you so you can ask, "How can I help?"

Valorr partners with leaders in business and society to tackle their most challenging cybersecurity risks and capture their greatest competitive advantages.

As a leader, Greg Tomchick has created an apprenticeship program to give talent a hands-on experience. This six-week program gives aspiring professionals a chance to get immersed into cyber and valuable experiences to put on a resume. Team Valorr also believes in taking a holistic approach by giving their apprentices hands-on projects in various areas of cyber.


Combined with the Whole Cyber Human training they will also recieve will not only skills to  kick doors down to employment, but show how investing into someone has a true return on investment all around.

Trusted By Leading Cybersecurity Teams

The importance of being prepared for breaches grows with the constant evolutionary nature of costly cybersecurity attacks. That’s why the world’s leading cybersecurity teams choose AttackIQ to find security gaps, prioritize program strategies, and set-up their organizations for success. Together we’re making the world safe for compute.

CyZen guides you through the complicated world of cybersecurity — helping you discover the unknown and empowering your team to improve security.

Our levelheaded, customer-centric approach to everything, from cyber risk assessments to ongoing detection and prevention services, makes us the knowledgeable and accessible security partner your company needs.

Small and medium-sized businesses to large corporations across industries rely on us for tailored solutions that can help their organizations greatly reduce the chance of a cyber attack on their company.

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