Gerald Auger

Dr. Gerald Auger currently leads the information security program at a $750M chemical manufacturing firm in the United States and is an adjunct faculty in the Department of Cyber and Computer Sciences at The Citadel Military College.

Gerald is passionate about the cybersecurity industry both as a practitioner and as a mentor. Gerald is the Chief Content Creator for the successful, cybersecurity-focused YouTube channel “Simply Cyber” that he leverages Simply Cyber to mentor at scale and provide access to knowledge and resources to enable people to make and take a cybersecurity career further, faster.

Gerald has over 17 years of cybersecurity industry experience with a focus on government, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors. He holds a PhD in Cyber Operations from Dakota State University, Master’s degree in Information Assurance, and a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He is the author of the “Cybersecurity Career Master Plan,” a book cataloging proven techniques to help individuals advance in your cybersecurity career.

His dedication to educating both aspiring and current IT and Cyber professionals is met by his world renown website www.simplycyber.io and its adjacent Discord Server. Additionally, you can find him streaming current tips, trends, resources, and thoughts on his YouTube Channel Gerald Auger - Simply Cyber.