James Azar

Philanthropist, Community Leader, and World renown CISO, James Azar is the Chairman and President of CyberHub USA. Born and raised in the US Mr. Azar is a self-made entrepreneur in Cybersecurity and management consulting. Mr. Azar is also the host of the popular podcasts CyberHub Engage Podcast and Goodbye Privacy. Mr. Azar also serves on the Board of Advisors for the NTSC and Tech400 in Georgia as well as several non-profits.

Mr. Azar’s passion for Cybersecurity developed during his career as a management consultant serving over 79 global firms in their global expansion. During this time Mr. Azar understood the cybersecurity challenges facing many organizations and the importance of properly strategizing towards solving those obstacles. Due to his experience in international business, strategic thinking and working side by side with executives, members of board and innovation team, it only became logical for Mr. Azar to prioritize and work to address these challenges.

Currently Mr. Azar works with a diverse and multi-national group of executives, governments and CISO to help address the various challenges and hosts CyberHub Summit annually to bring all those pieces together.