Josh Mason

Empathetic Educator and Crowd Source Fundraiser, Josh Mason is a military veteran with 10+ years of military experience, as an Air Force pilot and cyberwarfare officer. Josh sheds light on the best, most cost and time efficient ways to break through the barriers in the industry. 

His work at the 1 Special Operations Communications Squadron ensured mission continuity on the busiest Air Force Special Operations Command base and at deployed locations across the globe.

As a cybersecurity instructor for Jacobs at the Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center, Josh trained hundreds of US DoD cybersecurity operators and special agents in Cyber Threat Emulation, Digital Forensics and Incident Response, and Threat Hunting.

As a cybersecurity evangelist, Josh points prospective and active cyber professionals at valuable training and resources, with a focus on free and highly-accessible content.

With Cyber Supply Drop, Josh runs giveaways that provide participants with free vouchers for training and certification exams.