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Practicioners and Leaders Making a Difference

"Candid Podcast's Focused on Making a Difference in the World of Cyber"


The Hub of the Infosec Community. Our mission is to provide substantive and quality content that’s more than headlines or sales pitches. We want to be a valuable source to assist those cybersecurity practitioners in their mission to keep their organizations secure. Tune in to our series of podcasts that provide everything from highlighting CISO in our CISOTalk Podcast or our signature CyberHub Podcast segments Practitioner Brief and Tech Corner. Make sure to subscribe and follow us on your favorite podcast listening platform.
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a fly on the wall for conversations? Are you having a hard time in finding a podcast and don't have the time to find them?
The Mic is Listening! Show is your place to hear Syya Yasotornrat and Leah McClean chat in their series "CISO Diaries.

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This series was created by Renee Small + Christophe Foulon to share stories of how the most recent cybersecurity professionals are breaking into the industry. We hope this helps you in your quest to break into cybersecurity as well. Our special editions are us talking to experts in their fields and cyber gurus who share their experiences of helping others break-in. Renee Small is the CEO of Cyber Human Capital, one of the leading human resources business partners in the field of cybersecurity, and author of Magnetic Hiring: Your Company's Secret Weapon to Attracting Top Cyber Security Talent. Christophe Foulon focuses on helping to secure people and processes while understanding the tech involved. He has over 10 years as an experienced Information Security Manager and Cybersecurity Strategist. Develop Your Cybersecurity Career Path: How to Break into Cybersecurity at Any Level  -
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