Our Mission

The mission of The Whole Cyber Human Initiative is to redefine how we identify, train, equip, advance knowledge, and build workforce development within IT and Cybersecurity. By growing awareness through K12 and career transition persons, we empower and provide them with the skills and competencies employers look for. Additionally, through this, we provide employers with growth models to not only take in junior talent but grow and retain them.

To deliver on this promise, we rely on three great resources—our staff, our advisors, and digital spaces—to provide opportunities for learning and growth to all aspiring IT and Cybersecurity professionals of all ages from K12 to working adults and all backgrounds as there is no race, gender, age, or religion in Cybersecurity.

1. We develop lifelong learners within IT and Cybersecurity by creating more able learners and researchers. We:

-Provide tools, resources, and great places to work

-Engage in great exploratory conversations

-Ask and answer questions that encourage patrons to challenge their assumptions

-Support creativity, research, and problem-solving

-Bring people together to spark creative synergies and learn from each other

2. We advance knowledge by providing free and inexpensive access to materials to up skill within IT and Cybersecurity. We:

-Identify, acquire, and preserve items that enhance our unique areas of expertise

-Connect with other organizations whose materials complement our own

-Inspire interest, expand horizons, and enrich perspectives

3. We strengthen our communities by fostering a whole cyber approach. We:

-Promote the development of key skills and capabilities

-Provide dynamic resources to help patrons understand and engage in cyber holistically

-Offer unique and authoritative resources to empower future professionals and leaders

-Bring our diverse communities together and align true talent to not just companies and organizations, but critical infrastructures that are in high shortage of talent.

Our Vision

Our Vision at WCHI is to serve as a board of trusted leaders and advisors to aspiring professionals and companies, as well as aligning talent to critical job positions while human resources and hiring managers claim they cannot find talent. Additionally, WCHI will provide guidance, resources, education paths, talent acquisition strategies, and most importantly, help secure the next 20 years.

Call to Action: Are you a company or organization that would like to donate to or support a true workforce development or can provide a free based education platform? If so, we need your help. Together we can solve this upwards of 1.8 million unfilled cybersecurity roles.