Ollie Stiles

Currently a Senior Strategic Security Consultant for Mandiant, Ollie Stiles is a dedicated cyber security professional with a focus on cyber security operations centers (SOC), SIEM monitoring, leadership and performance development.  Working alongside some of the most notable security operation teams, Ollie has overseen tier-level analysts and administrators to provide security response and SOC services.

Ollie began his cyber journey in the United States Army where he was trained as an Signal Intelligence Analyst. After his enlistment in the Army, Ollie received an internship as a Security Operation Center Analyst for a defense contractor. Ollie was trained in cyber threat intelligence, network and email security as well as Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

After his internship, Ollie spent three years in the consulting field, developing and enhancing security programs that were designed to enhance maturity based on risk tolerance, and develop and implement programmatic workflows.

As a strategist and leader, Ollie is known for building well-rounded teams with expertise in developing and delivering tailored solutions for a myriad of industry verticals. His strong project management skills and ability to build flexible, long-term plans has resulted in building strong relationships with customers while securing their organizations.