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Available Services


Their mission is to provide an immersive self-paced program in support of Transitioning Service Members, Veterans, Military Families, and First Responders at no cost. While additionally providing Tier based COHORTS to Veteran Owned Businesses 

Hiring Manager/Human Resource Advisory

Provides each leadership person who enrolls to see the level of training each new hire is equipped with. Provide hands-on experience with multiple training vendors to understand their capabilities and limitations if pursuing a continuing education company for employees. Provide leaders with each vendor to discuss partnerships for advanced training. 

Curriculum Consulting

Curriculum consulting for schools, companies, communities, and  University/College Provosts

Internal Workforce Growth Development

Growth Development can train employees to your company's client and mission. This in turn will lead to retention and internal hires for positions employees can train to the skillsets throughout the company in order to avoid burnout. This will also alleviate the stress of job sourcing and other contracts with recruiters or sourcing companies. 

Direct Hire Pipeline

​Each candidate is trained in holistic cyber vs a clear role path, this arms them with the ability to be diverse in cyber, can cross-communicate between teams, become a valuable internal hire for job rotation, provide a leader in continuing education, and a person who has hands-on labs through various training vendors

Continuing Education Vendor Leads

Provide trusted and vetted vendor related continuing education platforms.

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