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Whole Cyber Human Initiative Clothing, Coffee, and other Accesories

Where proceeds feed our talent

On a mission to establish a certification scholarship fund, Whole Cyber Human Initiative sought to support Veteran owned. Through a partnership with Proper Patriot, we launched the clothing line. Each purchase not only supports a Veteran owned business, but all proceeds go directly into a money market savings account built to give Whole Cyber Human Initiative the means to help up-skill aspiring professionals. Scholarship requirements will be released later in 2022.

Checkout our Unisex Hoody, Unisex Polo, and Mens/Womens T-Shirts


To further our mission to establish a certification scholarship, we have launched our Cybersecurity Practicioner Coffee. Dark, Medium, Light, and Decaf. 

First we bring you Cyber Cowboy "The year is 1984 and the birth of Neuromancer. This single origin light roast of Costa Rica is a masterpiece and compliments our heavy hitters. It’s bright, dynamic, and complex … tasting notes of brown sugar, candied apple, and berry jam ... a must add to your coffee arsenal and a balanced roast for the Console Cowboys!"


Next "You're plugged in, monitoring, and defending our nation's digital assets. Your SIEM is firing off and flooded your monitors with alerts. This medium roast of Brazil and Honduras coffees, features tasting notes of cocoa, hazelnut, and citrus. A balanced roast to help you re-engage from Alert Fatigue!"


More? "Hard hitting … Aka: the good stuff. A call back to 2015’s Hackerman, we bring you our offensive security style blend. A dark blend of Papua New Guinea and Ethiopia, features tasting notes of dark brown sugar, baking spice, and plum. Let this fuel your morning!"


And finally, "First they brought you the 2600 in the year 1982 and we pay homage to the Elders who are now working in compliance. Simply. A medium roast of Brazil and Colombia, with tasting notes of chocolate, mixed nuts, and berries. Revitalized, 2600 became a term within a news magazine, we bring you the Decaf, because we know the relics of the digital past don't want to stay up all night on the toilet working on compliance reports!"

Try our Cyber Inspired Coffee

Chill Wine Tumbler

Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

Insulated Bottle

Ceramic Mug

Enjoy Your Beverage of Choice with Our Drinkware


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