Simon Linstead

Simon Linstead, after 30 Award winning years in sales, 10 of which founding and growing a multi-million dollar regulated UK Investment business. Life changing events in 2019 helped him decide at 45, to focus on his lifelong passion of technology and break into the Cyber Security industry. 

Failing OSCP in 2020 made him rethink his route into this market, and in January 2021 landed his first role as Head of Global Sales for a UK penetration testing firm. After creating and implementing a multi-level sales strategy, he has won nearly $100k in new business and assisted in bringing their product to market. From May 2021 through September of 2021, he has spoken with over 200 professionals and those still aspiring and realized that despite him seeing massive growth in the industry, there was and still is a massive disconnect. With that, in June 2021 he set up a free community for those looking to up skill or break into cyber. Since inception, his platform has had nearly 900 active members, 25 daily volunteers, their own forensic challenges site, practice boxes, and currently in the process of launching guided pathways as well. Off the back of the community, he has set up his own consultancy firm, and in August 2021, has launched with 12 other community members, and have already won multiple contracts.

His efforts are deeply rooted in the www.info-sec.live community which has helped not only identify unknown talent but assist military veterans and others in finding work. Currently he is covering the cost out of his own pocket to push others to succeed.

His key traits are negotiation, critical thinking, and soft skills.