Stephen Semmelroth

Entrepreneur Coach and Veteran Cybersecurity Influencer, Stephen Semmelroth formally entered IT in the year 2000, responded to his first cyber incident in 2001. After graduating the United States Military Academy at West Point with a degree in Electrical Engineering, Stephen joined the US Army Infantry and graduated Ranger School before deploying as a combat leader to Afghanistan. After a reconstructive spinal fusion, Stephen joined the Army’s Cyber Corps as one of the first commissioned officers in the field where he led a threat intelligence team, a red team, and organized one of the first cross-functional Task Forces to combat nation state threats. After retiring from the Army, Stephen founded a Veteran-focused cyber recruiting company, earned two Masters degrees, and led incident response efforts for select clients. He sold his company to StrataCore and stayed on post-acquisition to lead StrataCore’s clients through cyber prevention and during disasters. Stephen personally mentors hundreds of people every year and volunteers on several education and advocacy boards.