Our Volunteer Team

Our team of dedicated volunteers who work to contribute towards the Mission and Vision of Whole Cyber Human Initiative


Nick Perkal

Content and Delivery Manager

Nick is a current IT professional with 13 years of experience. He is well versed in the demands that an organization’s technology and security infrastructure require. He is seeking positions in GRC or IAM.


Allie Abdeljabbar

Legal Researcher/Cyber Awareness Facilitator

Allie is looking for positions in GRC, Risk Management Frameworks, or Data Privacy. As a current paralegal, she has a combination of skills to include; strong analytical and critical thinking, investigation techniques utilizing the OSINT framework, verbal and written communication, as well as the ability to properly deliver and explain gathered materials, accessible for all levels of a company


Frank Palmisano

Historian/Cyber Awareness Facilitator

Frank is a 15 year veteran of Law Enforcement. As a Criminal Investigator, he has skills in evidence preservation and recovery, OSINT, and presentation of criminal cases in a court of law. As a Crime Analyst, he interprets and analyzes raw data, placing it into easy to read formats and presents that to command staff. He is seeking roles in DFIR and red team.


Andrew Wilcox

Cyber Awareness Facilitator

Andrew is an active duty Navy service member separating in the near future. He possesses an extensive background in cross-functional team building, talent management, and advising/consulting executive staff and senior leadership on communication initiatives, network security operations, and risk. He is interested in roles in: GRC, InfoSec, and IT/Cyber Management.


Dell Jackson

Cyber Awareness Facilitator

Dell is a cybersecurity professional with a background in HR, Accounting and IT from the healthcare and construction industries.  Strong critical thinking skills and a multitude of soft skills enable her to lead with listening, learning, and love for Humans. Dell is looking for a role in Cyber Risk Management, or Vulnerability Management.


Dustin Warren

Cyber Awareness Facilitator

Dustin is currently an active duty Navy Corpsman stationed overseas at Naval Air Facility Atsugi, Japan. He is pursuing a degree in software development & security from UMGC and actively expanding his skill set within the infosec community. Dustin is seeking all opportunities to give back to the community of infosec that so warmly welcomed him.


Omar Reynoso

Facebook Content and Delivery Manager

Omar is a 26 year Army veteran with 15 years in Special Operations (12 as an OSINT/PAI Analyst). His training from the military combined with training from INFRAGARD, NW3C, EAG, and listening to Michael Bazzell and/or attending SANs Summits have helped pave the way for him to create new methods of conducting research and analysis. Omar is credited with creating a master library of sites and tools specific for special operations research and analysis. Omar is always seeking opportunities to give back through missing persons cases and supporting anti-human trafficking through education, training, and resources. He is seeking roles in OSINT/PAI, Threat Intelligence, and Intelligence Analysis.


Nyomi Benn-Day

Cyber Awareness Facilitator

Nyomi is new to the Cybersecurity industry and has secured her first role as a Jr. PenTester. Passionate about all things Cybersecurity, Nyomi is hoping to bring a unique and varied skillset into this Industry, focusing on asset protection, both physical and digital. Nyomi has a Keen interest and willingness to give back and contribute to the Cybersecurity community.