Whole Cyber Human Initiative Opening Speech. 

October 29, 2021

On 29 October, Paul Cummings delivers a recorded speech announcing the nonprofit filing has been submitted and could operate as a 509(a)(3).


"​It is with great honor that Whole Cyber Human Initiative announces that we can operate as a full Nonprofit while we await the certification! As the President and Founder, I Paul Cummings CASP CDPSE CDRRM am humbled by the support and generosity from our Board of Advisors; James J Azar, Renee Small, Ashley Naquin, Joseph Jaubert, Gerald Auger, Ph.D., Stephen Semmelroth, Peter Cline, Patrick Gillespie, Simon Linstead, Alex Rhodes, CISSP, Will Hunt, Ollie Stiles, Neal Bridges, and Christophe Foulon . Leah McLean and I are excited to get this going at the official capacity.


To the partnerships that we have already obtained with CyberUp Boots to Books, Cybersecurity Gatebreakers Foundation, info-sec.live, Cyber Future Foundation, Cyber Supply Drop and our potential partners pending with Cyber Bytes Foundation and Proper Patriot, we look forward to helping reshape how talent is defined and break down the walls to fill the upwards of 2 million unfilled IT and #cybersecurity roles.


Thank you to Brian Arrington, M.S., MBA Candidate and Bruce Thompson, MBA, RBLP-T Veteran Advocate with team VETS2INDUSTRY, Patrick McManus and team NextOp Veterans, Eric Brew, RBLP-T and team Still Serving Veterans / Call of Duty Endowment, Shon Washington Mike Slagh and many other mentors that have helped guide me to my successes.


We are listed as a 509(a)(3) and will be searching for donors and sponsors that want to help reshape the IT/Cybersecurity talent landscape."


Our call to action: If you are a company or organization that offers free to inexpensive IT and Cybersecurity training or want to donate to help upskill our existing talent that are being blocked by gatekeepers, let us meet in the middle and bridge this gap to secure the next 20 years.