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Paul Cummings and Chris Foulon Join GrimmCon 0x6

December 29, 2021

Shortly after the holidays, both Paul and Chris shared panel time explaining the Whole Cyber Human Candidate process and how it became to be. We know that it is a demanding process and is designed that way for a purpose. We do not want to discourage any who tackle the process. However, we want to impress upon candidates that cyber is life long learning and completing our program proves you have what it takes.

The process is intended to really produce a true return on invewstment for candidates. Utilizing free resources, we build holistic candidates versus the standard "I want to do Pentest/I want to be a SOC Analyst." It opens the candidates mind to the area of 52 roles within the domain. Each education resource provided gives small glimpses of each role and paints the whole buisness picture.

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