Whole Cyber and CyberUP Unify in Partnership

October, 22 2021

Mid afternoon on Friday October 22 2021, Paul Cummings met with Tony Bryan, CyberUp’s Executive Director and Bailey Rinella, CyberUP's LevelUP Director to discuss how Whole Cyber Human Initiative and Team can partner up to help the deficit of unfilled IT/Cybersecurity roles world wide. As both Tony and Paul conversered, they both realized in a moments notice that there was a symbiotic match and the partnership was made. 

CyberUP since it's inception has been building apprenticeships for driven IT and Cybersecurity career seekers. With the combination of the How to Build a Whole Cyber Human Candidate and CyberUP's program, we can began to mold not only a single domain focused professional, but a candidate whom is versed in all aspects of the Cybersewcurity Color Wheel.