Will Hunt

In.security co-founder, trainer and public speaker, Will Hunt has been in information security since 2008. He spent 6 years as a digital forensic investigator helping solve criminal investigations through digital evidence analysis, and from 2014 has been a penetration tester and IT security consultant, helping secure organisations around the globe.


Following a Masters degree in Digital Forensics, Will Hunt started his journey into information security in early 2008 as a digital forensic investigator, where he collected, analysed and presented digital evidence on behalf of UK police forces and government bodies across a multitude of criminal investigations, often including cross-examination in court. During his time as a forensic investigator, he delivered technical digital forensic training to a variety of public and private sector individuals. He thrived on using his skills to affect change for the better.

In 2014, Will shifted into penetration testing and became passionate about helping organisations become more secure and resilient to existing and emerging cyber threats. He quickly progressed to managing, leading and executing complex multi-faceted technical security assessments and also helped deliver both network and web application penetration testing training courses.

In 2018, Will co-founded In.security, a UK based boutique cyber security consultancy that helps their global clients identify, assess and mitigate cyber risk through a suite of technical cyber security services and both technical and awareness based training. He continues to develop his technical acumen, addressing his client's perceived threat models including everything from opportunistic to determined threat models and adversary emulation.

He's continues to develop and deliver hands-on technical security training, and has been humbled to been able to deliver it year on year at globally renowned international security conferences such as Black Hat USA/Asia/EU and many others. He specialises in password security and has given several conference talks on differing aspects of the topic. Will also assists the UK government in varying technical, advisory and educational capacities when required.

Will helps administer and run an online community, pioneered by Jeremiah Parker, another board member, whose mission is to help transitioning military and other civilians break into the cyber security industry. Will continues to freely offer his time, advice and guidance as well as delivering talks and interactive training sessions to this community in an effort to help shape the future journeys and dreams of enthusiastic and aspiring information security professionals.